Chao Yuan Ge

Straco Corporation Limited (SCL) owns the development rights to Chao Yuan Ge (CYG), which is located at the alighting point for the Lintong Lixing cable-car and has obtained exclusive permission from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the PRC to display relics unearthed from the CYG site on Lishan Mountain.

CYG is an integral part of the local government’s grand restoration project of "Hua Qing Palace" (the summer retreat for Emperor Tang Min Huang and his infamous concubine Lady Yang Gui Fei). The preliminary development concept for the CYG project showcases the unique culture and architectural features of the Tang Dynasty through reconstructed replicas of its major buildings. The project when completed will be one of the next most important attraction in the vicinity following the Terracotta Warriors Museum and the Qing Shihuang Mausoleum and serves to provide visitors with a unique and engaging presentation of the Tang Dynasty’s history and culture.